An introduction to RNA-seq
data processing and analysis

Date Topic Slides
2021-01-08 Introductory notes on RNA-seq and NGS data
2021-01-29 Running FastQC for many files at OSC
2021-02-05 Interpreting FastQC output
2021-02-12 Running MultiQC
2021-02-17 Preprocessing FASTQ files
2021-02-17 Intro to RNAseq alignment and STAR
2021-02-26 RNAseq read alignment with STAR
2021-03-05 Getting to know BAM files
2021-03-12/19 Creating a gene count table with feautureCounts
2021-03-26 Differential expression analysis with DESeq2 – Part I

Jelmer Poelstra
Jelmer Poelstra
Bioinformatician at MCIC