About OSU Code Club

Code Club will restart at the end of August

During the first part of the semester, we will cover how to make a website with Quarto/RMarkdown and Git/GitHub. During the second part of the semester, we will learn about R Shiny.

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OSU Code Club is a regularly occurring, interactive, online and in-person gathering to improve coding skills. We aim for a supportive and fun culture of learning together, and hope to offer something to participants at any experience level.

In each meeting, a presenter first introduces a concept or tool to be used for a challenge. Then, we work on the challenge in small groups, and finally, we reconvene to see what approaches were taken and to share lessons learned.

So far, we have focused entirely on the R language and its surrounding ecosystem (R Markdown, Shiny, etc). Depending on interest, we may in the future also cover Python, the Unix shell (terminal), running your analyses at the Ohio Supercomputer Center, and so on.

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More information

  • Each week, materials and suggested reading will be posted up front at the Sessions page. Like at a Journal Club, doing some preparatory homework by reading these materials will help you get the most out of it. [Note for the Summer ‘22 sessions: as we will be working through a book, we may not post additional materials online.]

  • Each session is intended to be mostly stand-alone to allow for occasional participation.

  • To allow for a welcoming environment for participants at all levels of experience, we ask everyone to be respectful, patient, and collaborative when interacting at Code Club. This is not a competitive event.

  • There will be no consistent analysis type or data type — instead, we will focus on building general skills and applying those to a wide variety of data.

  • The idea for this Code Club was taken from a recent paper in PLoS Computational Biology: Ten simple rules to increase computational skills among biologists with Code Clubs. We liked this idea because of the high level of interaction and because gradual, well-spaced practice is an excellent way to retain what you learn.


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