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Need assistance with bioinformatics, high-throughput sequencing data analysis, working with big data, etc? See below for some support options for OSU researchers.


The Molecular and Cellular Imaging Center (MCIC) is an OSU core facility with locations at the Wooster and Columbus campuses. Among other things, the MCIC provides end-to-end support for genomics projects — from experimental design, library preparation, and sequencing, to infrastructure for and assistance with data analysis.

The bioinformatics section of the MCIC, the MCBL (MCIC Computational Biology Laboratory), works based on a membership model. MCBL members have access to bioinformatics support, our project at the Ohio Supercomputer Center for storage and computing, our two in-house servers, our computer lab in Wooster, and free access to workshops. To become a member, please fill out this form.

For bioinformatics consultation, feel free to contact Jelmer Poelstra.


Research Scientist Michael Broe provides bioinformatics support to faculty and students in the Department of Evolution, Ecology and Organismal Biology. His primary role is to assist graduate students learning various types of computational analysis, but he also works directly with PIs. Types of analysis include whole genome assembly, genome annotation, transcriptomics, RADseq, hybrid capture pipelines, variant calling etc. Michael also teaches a 7 week Introduction to Computation in Biology for incoming EEOB graduate students each year, covering R, Python, and Unix.

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